Home Foundation Issues

A solid foundation is essential to ensure that the structure of your home stays undamaged and remains upright and sturdy. However, sometimes the foundation becomes weak and damaged due to soil expansion, settlement, or other reasons. Unless this issue is fixed promptly, the house can suffer extensive damage. This problem will continue and eventually turn from one problem to several. If you suspect that the foundation of your house is weak, call an expert foundation repair company for an inspection.

Symptoms of a Damaged Foundation

When the foundation of your house is damaged you will notice cracked walls, bowing or buckling walls, tilting chimneys or walls, uneven floors, and possibly jammed doors and windows. When you come across any of these signs, you need to contact a foundation repair company in order to limit this damage. If left unattended, or if you choose to ignore the problem, the foundation will become weaker and the structure of your house, can and will suffer. On top of that, uneven floors and cracked walls are unsightly. You take great pride in your home, when it deteriorates, this can affect your morale and quality of life. micropile installation

Replacement vs. Repair

Many general contractors will suggest that you replace the foundation instead of repairing it. However, a good foundation repair company will be able to save you money and time by repairing it. Replacing your foundation outright does not solve the problem since the underlying cause of the damage still exists. Replacing your foundation will be much more expensive and time consuming. For instance, foundation replacement involves digging around the perimeter of the house, lifting it up on stilts, and then rebuilding the foundation. The extensive digging is also likely to damage your landscaping (think about your garden, or your trees, or both).

On the other hand, foundation repair undertaken by a dedicated foundation contractor, that uses the latest technology, will save you time and money. They will install the foundation repair devices in a week with minimal digging around your home. Additionally, the devices such as a wall anchor will provide a counteracting force against the expanding soil, offering a long-term solution to your foundation problems. The wall anchor can also straighten your bowing wall over time. The foundation repair products come with a written warranty, and guarantee.

Clean Work

When you choose a foundation company that will undertake specialized foundation repair work, you should know that when they leave and when they say the job is finished, any mess or trash they create will be picked up and properly discarded. They will not leave your home a mess or dirty. When you think of them, they want brightness and professionalism to be thoughts correlating with them, not sloppiness and rush jobs. If they have to remove a plant(s) to gain access to your foundation, they will return that plant, or plants, to its original location and in a healthy state.

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